o   born 1971 in berne, switzerland

o   senior year in us high school, main emphasis on art

o   preliminary course at school of design lucerne

o   mba of geography from university of berne

o   working in the field of digital cartography and graphic design

o   extended family phase

o   2006 living in barcelona, spain

o   since 2013 focusing on art, taking i.a. classes at the school of design Basel (www.sfgbasel.ch)

o   creating crafts under own label

o   2017-20 studies at the visual art school in basel (www.visualartschoolbasel.ch)

o   2020 moving to new jersey, usa

It took me a while to create the space and gather the courage to give Art the place in my life it was asking for. For me, painting is a emotionally intense, demanding process, asking for all my attentiveness and focus. It rewards me in return with fulfillment and the opportunity to grow.  

I feel inspired by art, the beauty of my daily environment, the infinit variety of shapes and colors of nature, the presence of the seasons.I understand human existence as a small part of the big picture and strongly feel the connection and dependence between everything

My paintings emerge from an intuitive approach to color and composition. When the painting evolves, it calls for the next step and starts a dialogue. I lay my focus on movement and balance, searching for reduction without banality, always intrigued by universal concepts of form, mass, proportion, rhythm and structure.

I love to play with different materials – mixing acrylics, pigments, rock flour, pastels, graphite, sands, bitumen, etc. – always keeping the door open for coincidence and surprises. By letting the painting grow slowly - layer by layer, adding, removing, translucent layers captured by opaque parts – I strive for depth and lightness.  

My paintings result from self-reflecting experience and carry no purposeful meaning. The intention is to allow the viewer inner reflection, to carry him away for a short moment to a special inner space, to evoke an emotion. I hope to charge the painting with the energy I feel while painting and to give it the viewer on the way.